Biscuit Basin – Yellowstone National Park

Biscuit Basin – Yellowstone National Park

Difficulty: Easy

Length: 0.7 miles

GPS Coordinates: N 44 29.103 W 110 51.153

Biscuit Basin is part of Upper Geyser Basin and is home for Mustard Spring, beautiful Sapphire Pool and Black Opal Pool, Shell Geyser, Avoca Spring, Jewel Geyser, etc.

Biscuit Basic is located at Yellowstone National Park, only 3 miles from a very famous Old Faithful. The basin got its name thanks to the deposits, biscuit-shaped, that were found on the territory around Sapphire Pool. On August 17, 1959 the earthquake took place, its epicenter was a few miles to the northwest and several days later Sapphire Pool began to erupt and the biscuit-shaped rocks were destroyed. The last eruption took place in 1991.

But despite of the eruptions, Sapphire Pool remains to be one of the most beautiful and attractive pool with stunning water color. If you want to take delight in the natural beauty of this place we suggest taking the Biscuit Basin Loop.

The hike is very short and easy, but you will be able to enjoy the views of colorful hot springs and spurting geysers.
At the very beginning of the hike you will walk across the bridge over the Firehole River and go further passing Black Opal Pool, Wall Pool and Sapphire Pool. All of the hydrothermal features of Yellowstone are good examples and evidences of the volcanic history of our planet. But surprisingly they are full of life. For example, thermopiles, microscopic organisms just love heat and can easily live in such harsh conditions adding color to the hydrothermal areas.

When you found yourself on the loop, you can change any direction you like and enjoy numerous highlights of the hike.

We also ask you to keep in mind that this ecosystem is very fragile. Yellowstone National Park preserves the biggest number of hydrothermal features on the planet. Hikers need to be careful, any rock or stick thrown into a hydrothermal object may cause end of its activity. Do not touch any hydrothermal features. Hikers should also stay on specially established trails or boardwalks.

How to get to the trailhead:
From Old Faithful:
Drive 2.5 miles north on Grand Loop Road (Route 89) and turn left into the parking area for Biscuit Basin.
From the other directions:
Drive 14 miles south of Madison Junction, follow the Grand Loop Road to reach the trailhead. Biscuit Basin is located in 3.5 miles south of the trailhead for Midway Geyser Basin and 5.5 miles south of the trailhead for Fountain Paint Pot Trail.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Marina Petrova

Pictures taken: 23.06.2016

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