North Rim is more remote and less popular among the tourists. It is also located further from the roads and is open from May 15th through October 15th.

North Kaibab Trail 12

Meeting the North Rim – North Kaibab Trail

Location: Grand Canyon, North Rim Round Trip: 28 miles Difficulty: Strenuous Elevation Change: 5,760 feet Highest Point: 8,241 feet (at the trailhead) GPS Coordinates: N 36 13.023 W 112 3.414 Visitor’s Information Open: mid. May – mid. October Planning to visit the Grand Canyon, you’ll have to decide first from which Rim to experience this breathtaking natural feature of Arizona State: South Rim, West Rim or North Rim. The North Rim is considered the least popular among tourists and hikers, but the reason for this is not the lack of picturesque views, scenic [...]

Bright Angel Point Trail 26

Unforgettable hike along Bright Angel Point Trail

Location: Grand Canyon, North Rim Round Trip: 0,5 miles Difficulty: Moderate Elevation Gain: 200 feet Highest Point: 8,148 feet GPS Coordinates: N 36 11.821 W 112 3.177 Visitor’s Information: Open mid. May – October, No Pass Required Bright Angel point is considered to be the most popular viewpoint among the visitors of the North Rim. A part of its popularity was earned, of course, due to its location. The trailhead or the Bright Angel Point Trail, leading to the viewing area, can be found just behind [...]

Cape Royal Trail 12

Cape Royal Trail / North Rim

Location: Grand Canyon, North Rim Round Trip: 0,6 miles GPS Coordinates: N 36 7.339 W 111 56.968 Being less popular among the tourists because of its location, North Rim has so much more to offer its visitors than the South Rim. According the statistics only 10% of the total number of tourists is going to the North Rim. And even less visitors have enough patience to get to its southern end – to Cape Royal. And we may understand why it is so. [...]