Cape Royal Trail / North Rim

Cape Royal Trail / North Rim

Location: Grand Canyon, North Rim
Round Trip: 0,6 miles
GPS Coordinates: N 36 7.339 W 111 56.968
Being less popular among the tourists because of its location, North Rim has so much more to offer its visitors than the South Rim. According the statistics only 10% of the total number of tourists is going to the North Rim. And even less visitors have enough patience to get to its southern end – to Cape Royal.

And we may understand why it is so. No matter from which direction you are coming there, it will be quite a long drive as it’s located 53 miles from Jacob Lake, and about 15 miles from the Visitor Center and Lodge of the North Rim.

The drive along the Cape Royal road is itself a priceless experience, as the road is winding through the pine woods of the North Rim edge thus opening striking views to the drivers along the way. But mind that the road is narrow and curvy, don’t exceed the speed limit, and also be careful driving at dusk.

We also want to remind you that the road is open from the middle of May till the middle of October and is usually closed the same time with the closure of Highway 67.

There are quite many viewpoints and overlooks along the Cape Royal road, but its highlight is definitely the Cape Royal itself and Cape Royal Trail leading to it. At the end of the Cape Royal road there is a parking lot, which is also a trailhead of the Cape Royal Trail. Here you’ll be able to find the restrooms. But no water is available on the trail or at the trailhead, that is why, do not forget to bring some water with you.

The trailhead is located at 7900 ft elevation.
Cape Royal Trail is a short (0,3 miles one-way) paved path. It’s rather flat, thus being easy for any visitor. There are some interpretive signs along the trail, providing the visitors with the information on the history of the place, rock formations, describing its flora and fauna.

Walking along the trail you’ll find at its end the Cape Royal overlook. It is rated by visitors as the most amazing overlook of the North Rim, providing a 270° breathtaking panoramic view of the magnificent Grand Canyon.

The most spectacular features you may admire from this viewing point are the Angel’s Window, which is an amazing arch, naturally created in the Kaibab limestone; Vishnu Temple on the south, which is a high rocky summit; Wotans Throne, Colorado River and many more.

Cape Royal overlook is a perfect vantage point revealing the enchanting beauty of the Grand Canyon. Having a shape of a peninsula, it is ideal for both: admiring the stunning sunrises and soaking in the fascinating sunsets over the Grand Canyon.

There is also a side trail, leading to the top of the Angel’s Window. Though it is railing protected, it still can be quite scaring for people who have fear for heights. But the breathtaking view it opens in front of you will compensate everything!


Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Svetlana Baranova

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