Unforgettable hike along Bright Angel Point Trail

Unforgettable hike along Bright Angel Point Trail

Location: Grand Canyon, North Rim
Round Trip: 0,5 miles
Difficulty: Moderate
Elevation Gain: 200 feet
Highest Point: 8,148 feet
GPS Coordinates: N 36 11.821 W 112 3.177
Visitor’s Information: Open mid. May – October, No Pass Required

Bright Angel point is considered to be the most popular viewpoint among the visitors of the North Rim. A part of its popularity was earned, of course, due to its location. The trailhead or the Bright Angel Point Trail, leading to the viewing area, can be found just behind the Grand Canyon Lodge, at the connection with the southern end of the Transept Trail, and also very close to the Visitor Center. That’s why a lot of visitors of the Grand Canyon just don’t bother to take an additional drive or walk to get to other viewing points of the North Rim, such as Point Imperial, Cape Final or Cape Royal. The breathtaking views from this amazing vantage point are just enough to satisfy their thirst for the beautiful nature.

Bright Angel Point Trail is quite a short (0, 5 miles – roundtrip) paved path, running along the ridgeline of the Bright Angel Peninsula and leading the tourists to the viewing area at its end. The trail itself is a worthwhile experience. It’s described everywhere as an easy hike, but being short it has some steep descents, and if you take into consideration about 200 feet elevation change – it can be rather moderate or even strenuous hike for people unaccustomed for hiking.

The trail opens a lot of interesting features for the hikers. If you look to your left while walking to the viewpoint, you’ll see the remarkable Roaring Springs Canyon and if the day is clear and quiet, you may be lucky to hear the roar of the falling water of the Roaring Springs. The waters of the Roaring Springs have been supplying the North Rim since 1928, and now the water is pumped to both – the North Rim and the South Rim.

In the middle of the trail you can see the results of the recent massive rockslide in the Transept Canyon to the west of the trail. You can also admire various fossils along the trail.

And at the end of this admirable trail you will be rewarded for the stroll by magnificent views of the Bright Angel Point. This viewing point is located 8,148 feet above sea level (and 5,780 feet above the Colorado River). The view which opens in front of you exceeds the most daring ideas about the power of nature and boundless spaces of the desert. Multi-colored rocks, shimmering in the sun with thousand shades of red, pink, yellow and blue, open their own story to the viewers.

From here you may see a part of the Cottonwood Campground, which situates about 4000 feet below the rim. The South Rim is only about 10 miles away from the viewpoint across the canyon, so you may see the Grand Canyon Village. The picturesque panorama in front of you just makes your heart soar.

Because of its location, Bright Angel Point is a perfect place to observe fascinating sunrises or to soak in gorgeous sunsets, enjoying the enchanting change of colors around you with the sun going down.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Svetlana Baranova

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