Pelican Creek Nature Trail

Pelican Creek Nature Trail

Location: Yellowstone National Park

Length: 1 mile roundtrip

GPS Coordinates: N 44 33.600 W 110 21.599

Pelican Creek Loop is very short trail that allows visitors to hike through the forest along the north bank of Yellowstone Lake, and at the same time enjoy the beauty of the shoreline.

This is the path that offers panoramic, expansive views and fantastic opportunities for bird and wildlife watching. There are numerous birds on the lake and very often visitors may encounter bison grazing on the marshy meadows of the Yellowstone National Park. Remember about grizzly bears that may be seen here in spring and summer. Follow the rules of the park and take care of a fragile nature.

Photographers also like this trail because it gives an easy access to fabulous wildlife and gorgeous sunsets. Panoramic views, waters of the lake and abundant wildlife is a perfect combination for a great picture.

The trail itself starts at the Pelican Creek Trailhead at about ¼ miles from Lake Junction. It is easy accessible and has a good parking lot.

Immediately from the parking lot, the trail takes you to the forest, but very soon it splits, giving you the opportunity to go both ways. The left path will take you to the grassy meadows and the right trail is considered to be the main. It will lead you through the coniferous forest and will lead you to the beach.

Yellowstone Lake is home for cormorants, herons, geese, American white pelicans, etc. This beach is a great place to take rest and enjoy the views of the mountains across the lake. After a short walk along the lake the path returns into the forest, taking you back to the trailhead.

Several words should be said about Yellowstone Lake. It’s the largest in the national park and covers the territory of 136 square miles. Yellowstone Lake is the second biggest freshwater lake in the world.

Not far from the shore there is Stevenson Island. The island was named in honor of James Stevenson who was a member of the 1871 Hayden Survey. His vessel is the first known sailboat that has sailed here.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Marina Petrova

Pictures taken: 28.06.2016

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