Brink of the Upper Falls on the Grand Canyon ib the Yellowstone National Park

Brink of the Upper Falls on the Grand Canyon ib the Yellowstone National Park

Location: Yellowstone National Park

Distance: 0.4 miles (roundtrip)

Elevation change: 75 feet

GPS Coordinates: N 44 42.874 W 110 30.042

The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone Rivet takes its beginning at Upper Falls. Beautiful and panoramic views from the edge of this Nature’s masterpiece will take your breath away.

Brink of the Upper Falls Trail provides fascinating views of the 109-foot waterfall with all its power. The Brink of the Upper Falls may be visited when you hike the North Rim Trail, but it can also be a separate hike, very short and easy, only 0.4 miles roundtrip with minimal elevation gain – 75 feet. The brink of the upper falls marks the junction between a hard rhyolite lava flow and weaker glassy lava that has been more heavily eroded.

The hike takes you towards the Yellowstone River to a wonderful overlook which is situated on a natural rock atop of the Upper Falls. Views are just indescribable and incredible! This is one of the most popular views among photographers who want to capture the power of the waterfall.

If you hike a little bit further down the paved road instead of heading down towards the brink of the falls, you will come to the Old Chittenden Bridge which was the old roadway. This is an interesting and historic spot in the park.
Yellowstone Falls consist of two waterfalls, both are separated by about a quarter mile, but you want be able to see the Lower Falls from the overlook atop the Upper Falls because of the bend of the Yellowstone River. The Lower Falls is a 308-foot mighty waterfall.

Uncle Tom’s trail also provides amazing views of the Upper Falls. The trail was developed by “Uncle” Tom Richardson in 1898. Originally it was a great place to have a picnic. Richardson led visitors on tours through 1903, taking them across the river upstream from the Chittenden Bridge and then leading them to the base of the Lower Falls where they had a picnic.

It is interesting to know that the amount of water flowing over the waterfall differs throughout the year, it is estimated that this number varies from 5.000 to 60.000 gallons per second.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Marina Petrova

Pictures taken: 29.06.2016

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