Incredible scenic drive along Highway 12

Incredible scenic drive along Highway 12

Location: Garfield County, Utah, USA
Length:  123 miles
GPS Coordinates: N 37 44.976  W 112 22.575

The world is so amazing! It will take you the entire life to discover all its awesome places. Traveling makes our life brighter and more eventful. Every road leaves a mark in the memory and soul.

The USA teems with the lots of gorgeous and extremely picturesque roads known throughout the world. The most of them are undiscovered. You will find a striking Scenic Byway 12 in the beautiful State of Utah. You should definitely take a fantastic drive along this pretty highway through the majestic mountains and canyons  Its second name is “A Journey Through Time Scenic Byway”. It has also informal name the “Million Dollar Highway” called such not for its incredible beauty but because of the cost spent on building it – $ 1 million.

This extremely spectacular 123-mile state route nestled in Garfield County stretching from U.S. 89 to the town of Torrey joining the Highway 24. Lots of people come to take an admirable drive and see a magnificent scenery. The road is among the All American Roads.  Driving this highway it seems like you get into another world full of mysteries and magic landscapes.

Spend a wonderful day in southern Utah! The road provides access to the state parks such as Kodachrome Basin State Park, Escalante Petrified Forest State Park and Anasazi State Park Museum. You will pass through the Red Canyon which is a part of Dixie National Forest, Bryce Canyon National Park, Upper Valley Granaries, the northern section of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. It should be noted that there is a famous twisty stretch of the road, the Hogback also called “A Drive on the Edge”. It’s located between the Calf Creek Recreation Area and the town of Boulder. There is nothing on either side of the road except down with indescribable views of the canyon on both sides of the road.

You can also check out the scenic backways branching off the scenic byway like Burr Trail Scenic Backway, Hell’s Backbone Road Scenic Backway and more. Enjoy your captivating drive that is so remarkable in itself. However, talking about fantastic panoramic views you should definitely stop at several overlooks along your way such as Powel Point Overlook, Larb Hollow Overlook, Calf Creek View Point and many others. Marvel at the splendid rock formations, fabulous landscape, splendid mountains, unique towns and breathtaking canyons. Be sure, it will be the prettiest road you have ever been on.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Olena Ukholova
Pictures taken: 09/7/17

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