Dramatic Hell’s Backbone Road

Dramatic Hell’s Backbone Road


Location: Garfield County, Utah, USA
Length:  38 miles
GPS Coordinates: N 37 53.314 W 111 27.490

Every time you drive, you get incredible experience and it’s relaxing indeed. You can travel hundreds of miles to find a destination but the road you take is a destination itself. Sometimes all you need is a driving therapy. It’s a truly amazing feeling to look forward to the adventure that a road prepared for you.

Get ready to drive the majestic and stunning Hell’s Backbone Road in Utah which is an “artery” between Boulder and Escalante. The road was created in the early 20 century by Civilian Conservation Corps. It’s a one way 38-mile scenic road. You’ll get the adrenaline rush overcoming fears and worries. Meet numerous sharp curves and dizzy switchbacks.

Enjoy the charming beauty of Escalante area! Be enchanted by the extremely breathtaking views of colored rocks, thrilling cliffs, majestic mountains, fascinating pine trees and other types of trees. The road boasts gorgeous scenery despite of its scaring name. You’ll certainly want to stop and explore the surrounding area.

Take time to experience this scenic backway. You should definitely stop at the fabulous Hell’s Backbone Bridge with awesome views of Box Death Hollow Wilderness area and Sand Creek. It’s a spectacular 109 feet long bridge that was restored and modernized several times. This bridge is a work of art that helps millions of drivers to get over the canyons and capture the pristine beauty of nature.

That’s an unbelievable experience to drive through the magnificent bridge with a drop of over 9000 feet. The road is drivable from late May to November and during the winter period it’s closed. The Scenic Byway 12 provides access to the road driving south from the town of Boulder. You can make your vacation diverse and interesting as well. Take a couple of hours and discover the stunning place crossing the bridge.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Olena Ukholova
Pictures taken: 09/6/17

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