Interesting Rope de Dope Trail at Smith Rock State Park

Interesting Rope de Dope Trail at Smith Rock State Park

Address: Terrebonne, OR 97760, United States

Phone number: 541-548-7501

Length: 0.5 miles

GPS Coordinates: N 44 21.952 W 121 08.233

This short trail, stretching forward for only 0.5 miles, is regarded to be one of the most often used trails and one of the major connectors between the trails within the well-conceived trail system of incredible Smith Rock State Park.
For people staying at The Bivy (the campground area) Rope de Dope trail arranges an access to the Canyon Trail, leading to the footbridge across the Crooked River, and to the Rope de Dope rock or as it’s also called Rope de Dope Block – a big rock with the height of 40 feet, which is a perfect spot, providing an easy climb, ideal for the training of kids and the beginners.

So, starting from the campground the trail very soon splits with the Rim Trail going rightwards and the Rope de Dope Trail running leftwards. Then a boardwalk will help you to cross the irrigation stream. Further the trail runs down with some rock and wooden steps, after this descend it becomes more level .

The outlook of the river canyon which opens if front of you while walking along this trail is just breathtaking, making your heart leap. Enjoy the unique and fascinating scenery of this amazing state park.

After a short switchback you will notice the climbing area with the same name as the trail. Rope de Dope Block is usually very busy with parents teaching their kids to climb and various age beginners learning the basics of climbing.
If you go further strait along the trail you will reach its junction with the Canyon Trail providing the access to various trails on the both banks of the Crooked River.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak

Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska

Information: Svetlana Baranova

Pictures taken: 09/4/16

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