Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Lady Bird Johnson Grove

Location: Redwood National Park, California
Round Trip: 1,4 miles loop
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation Gain: 100 feet
GPS Coordinates: N 41 18.209 W 124 01.079
Visitor’s Information Open: all year round

No Pass Required

Redwood National Park has quite a number of fantastic groves. One of the most popular among them is Lady Bird Johnson Gove as it’s not only an impressive natural feature of the park, but also a historical place.

The Lady Bird Johnson trail was created for the ceremony of Redwoods National Park dedication, which happened on August 27, 1969. Many dignitaries were present at this ceremony, among who were President Johnson and his wife, Richard Nixon, Governor Reagan and others. At that ceremony the grove was also officially named for Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson. In his speech, Richard Nixon told that the name was appropriately chosen, as there was no one at that time, who had done more for the beautification of the country than Mrs. Lady Bird Johnson.
The position of the grove so close to the Kuchel Visitor Center is one more reason of its being well-known among the visitors.

The Lady Bird Johnson Grove is located close to the top of a ridge. Its elevation is about 1200 feet above the sea level, which became a reason why these magnificent old growth redwoods can very often be seen in low clouds, which in reality look like some fog suddenly laden down.

The trail, which leads along the grove, the Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail, is actually a 1,5 miles loop trail. It starts at the parking lot located just off the Bald Hills Road, which is actually a trailhead for this trail, with restrooms and some picnic tables. There are also information signs telling the visitors about the grove and the trail. To get to the trail itself you should walk across the footbridge over the Bald Hills Road. While walking along it and entering the forest, it feels like you are entering one of the fairy tales of Grimm Brothers. Magnificent, secluded forest with gigantic trees and dense lower storey, enveloped in fascinating fog, is waiting for you to acquaint you with its fantastic inhabitants… It looks really mystical.

The Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail is an easy, level and quite wide path, located far enough from the highway not to have any noise from it. There are a lot of interpretation signs and plaques along the trail, providing the hikers with all kind of information on the forest, and marking some interesting features of the Lady Bird Johnson Grove.

At the beginning of the trail you may get a trail guide for 1 dollar, which may be very helpful if you are interested not only in admiring the nature, but also in getting some knowledge about the redwood forest.

Walking along the trail you’ll see not only unbelievably beautiful ancient redwood trees, but also Douglas fir, rhododendron, the under storey includes a huge amount of evergreen huckleberry and a big variety of ferns among other plants. If you chose June or July for your hike, you’ll be also impressed by enchanting blooming rhododendrons and azalea. This is a really remarkable sight, adding some bright colors to this fantastic forest.

In the middle of the trail you will find a plaque, commemorating the dedication ceremony. It stands at the place, where the ceremony took place. There are also some benches, where the spectators could sit and admire the ceremony.

The Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail intersects with the Berry Glen Trail, so if you think that this hike is too easy for you, you may go down the steep descending Berry Glen Trail.

Lady Bird Johnson Grove is a priceless first-hand experience with nature, and namely with stunning redwood trees for anyone who decided to visit it. It will leave no one indifferent, granting you with amazing scenic views and peaceful stroll along the grove.

Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Svetlana Baranova

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