Amazing autumn scenery of Christian Pond Loop

Amazing autumn scenery of Christian Pond Loop


Location: Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Length: 3,3 miles
Difficulty: Easy
Elevation gain: 400 feet
GPS coordinates: N 43 52.691   W 110 34.363

Grand Teton National Park – a speck of untouched pristine nature just south of Yellowstone National Park, in northwest Wyoming. The park is well-known and beloved by tourists for its fascinating views of the mountains, shimmering of pure alpine lakes and abundant wildlife. Its highest peak, Grand Teton, rises up to almost 14,000 feet a.s.l. and the park spreads over the territory of about 310,000 acres, currently being home for 60 species of mammals, over 300 different species of birds and a variety of fish. At Grand Teton Park you may go kayaking, camp, climb the rocks and make lots of amazingly beautiful photos, but the best and really rewarding way to see the unbeliavable beauty of the park and to explore it is to follow one of its scenic trails.

Christian Pond Loop is a great option for exploring the northern section of this incredible national park. This 3,3 miles (roundtrip) trail, taking its beginning at the area of Jackson Lake Lodge, will lead you through the marshy area near the pond and up to a small forested ridge.

Soon after starting your hike from the trailhead, which is located close to the gas station, you will walk under the overpass bridge of the Teton Park Road and after approximately 0,1 mile you will see a trail-junction, from which the loop section of the trek starts. Here you have an option which direction to chose, but if you go counter-clockwise (at the junction turn right) you will reach the pond sooner.

After approximately 0,5 mile the trail starts climbing a small ridge, opening better and better views. But the most enchanting views of the pond area and the gorgeous mountains you will get at the highest place of the ridge. A couple words should be told about the Christian Pond itself. Being quite shallow, this water body warms up much quicker than the surrounding lakes, and the temperature of pond’s water keeps higher than in the lakes, thus attracting the variety of waterfowl. That is why this place is a perfect destination for bird watching.

After about 0,75 miles you will get to one more trail-junction, where you need to take the left fork and continue your walk in the direction of Emma Matilda Lake (if you turn right at this point you will reach Oxbow Bend Overlook). As the most of the trek runs through the open meadow area, be on the lookout as the chance to moose, deer or elk is really high.

In 1,25 miles from the trailhead you will see one more trail-junction, the right fork of which will tale you around Emma Matilda Lake, and the left one is the continuation of the Christian Pond Loop. And at the distance of 2,2 miles you’ll get to one more junction with the second “end” of Emma Matilda Lake trail. Turn left if you want to go further along the Christian Pond Loop. In less than 1 mile you will find yourself at the point where you began the loop, so just turn right to go back to the Jackson Lake Lodge from where your hike was started.


Photo: Roman Khomlyak
Photo Editing: Juliana Voitsikhovska
Information: Svetlana Baranova
Pictures taken: 10/8/16

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