Nature Sounds of a Foggy Morning by the River – Autumn Ambience & Fall Foliage Colors


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Nature Sounds of a Foggy Morning by the River – Autumn Ambience & Fall Foliage Colors


8 Hours


4K, 3840×2160 – MP4, H265

DIRECTED BY: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc.

Video from: Connecticut River, New England, USA

Video title: Foggy Morning Connecticut River

Time of filming: Autumn 2021

Video type: Autumn soundscape video

Video resolution: 4K UHD

Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak

Editor and colorist: Anatolii Pylypenko

Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Dive into the serenity of a gentle river, where we present the most tranquil river sounds and nature’s harmonious symphony. Immerse yourself in the peaceful atmosphere of misty mornings on the Connecticut River, accompanied by the comforting melody of birdsong, the gentle hum of insects, and the chorus of crickets singing in perfect accord. Allow the rhythmic cadence of the river and the captivating calls of wildlife to carry you to a realm of tranquility and peace. This 4K UHD video of nature soundscapes is tailored for moments of study, work, or pure relaxation after a demanding day. The captivating visuals and the pristine sounds of flowing water in ultra-high resolution (UHD) will craft an all-encompassing journey, granting you an escape from the pressures of everyday life.

Find your perfect place of harmony and calm while watching this 4K nature soundscape from and

The Connecticut River, a magnificent waterway flowing through the northeastern United States, holds countless wonders and stories waiting to be explored by travelers. With a length of approximately 410 miles, it proudly stands as the longest river in New England. This iconic river serves not only as a natural border between Vermont and New Hampshire but also as a picturesque backdrop for a myriad of recreational activities. From boating and fishing to hiking along its enchanting shores, the Connecticut River offers a blend of natural beauty and historical significance. Its waters, once navigated by indigenous tribes and European settlers, carry the echoes of the past, while its surrounding wetlands provide refuge for a diverse array of wildlife. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a history lover, a journey along the Connecticut River promises unforgettable experiences and a deep connection with the captivating heritage of the region.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil embrace of the foggy river, a therapeutic shelter expertly captured by our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak during his autumn 2021 expedition to New England, dedicated to preserving the unique fall foliage of the region. Allow the soothing melodies of birdsong and the harmonious chorus of crickets to envelop you, guiding you toward a profound state of relaxation. As you bask in the symphony of nature and behold its magnificent beauty, feel the burdens of stress dissolve, embracing the serenity of the present moment.

Whether you seek stress relief, aim to enrich your yoga or healing therapy sessions, or simply yearn for a restful night’s sleep, our river sounds paired with mesmerizing 4K visuals serve as the perfect companions. Surrender to the allure of a world where nature reigns supreme, and let the gentle river become your sanctuary of tranquility.

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