Amazing Wild Animals of Chobe NP, South Africa – 8K HDR Scenic Film with Music & Nature Sounds


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Amazing Wild Animals of Chobe NP, South Africa – 8K HDR Scenic Film with Music & Nature Sounds


2.5 Hours


8K HDR, 3840×2160 – MP4, H265

DIRECTED BY: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc.

Video from: Chobe National Park, Botswana, Africa

Video title: Animals Of Chobe National Park, Botswana, South Africa

Time of filming: 2022

Equipment used: Red-V-Raptor

Video resolution: 8K HDR

Video type: nature scenic film

Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Robert Hofmeyr

Assisted by: Andrew Coldwell

Editor and colorist: Tatyana Nesterenko

Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Special thanks to Pangolin Photo Safaris

Embark on a mesmerizing virtual safari through the heart of Africa with this breathtaking 8K nature scenic film capturing the unique wildlife of Chobe National Park in Botswana and South Africa. Immerse yourself in the world of wild animals as you witness the richest fauna of African wildlife in stunning HDR quality. Let the relaxing music and authentic wildlife sounds transport you to the untamed beauty of nature, where you can marvel at diverse bird species, experience the raw animal noises, and be surrounded by the captivating animal sounds of the wild. This wildlife documentary is an amazing visual journey showcasing the wonders of wild nature in unparalleled 8K UHD clarity, making it a must-watch for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers alike.

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Among the diverse wildlife in South Africa, we would like to highlight the Boomslang, also known as Dispholidus typus. This highly venomous snake native to sub-Saharan Africa is recognized for its distinctive hunting method of hanging from tree branches. The Boomslang is a formidable predator with potent venom that affects blood clotting. Despite its danger, it is shy and elusive, with a striking appearance and the ability to change color from green to brown or black for camouflage. This color-changing ability helps in survival and enhances the mystique of these enigmatic snakes in the wild.

In 2022, adventurer and filmmaker Robert Hofmeyr turned his attention to Botswana, accompanied by Red-V-Raptor. Immersing himself in the heart of pristine national parks, he captured the enchanting beauty of the land and its abundant wildlife with a level of closeness seldom witnessed. His dedication resulted in creating a stunning video, a lively ode to Botswana’s natural wonders, and a tribute to the steadfast determination required to reveal such a magnificent display.

Animal species you will meet in this video 00:00:00
African buffalo 00:01:16
Cattle egret 00:01:32
African elephant 00:02:02
Great egret 00:02:23
African fish eagle 00:02:48
Nile crocodile 00:03:15
Giraffe 00:03:21
Marabou stork 00:03:43
White-browed coucal 00:04:17
Little bee-eater 00:04:31
Lioness 00:04:36
Fork-tailed drongo 00:04:49
Black-crowned night heron 00:04:55
Vervet monkey 00:04:59
Goliath heron 00:06:20
Baboon 00:06:31
Malachite kingfisher 00:07:08
Hippo 00:07:16
Crested kingfisher 00:07:23
Reed cormorant 00:08:07
African jacana 00:09:51
Great white egret 00:10:53
Common snipe 00:12:25
White-browed coucal 00:13:03
Pied kingfisher 00:14:19
Grey heron 00:14:41
Squacco heron 00:15:33
African elephants 00:17:50
African openbill 00:20:40
African darter 00:22:11
White-crowned lapwing 00:24:28
Nile crocodile 00:25:07
Common warthog 00:25:50
Reedbuck 00:27:41
Banded mongoose 00:29:39
Nile monitor 00:33:51
Waterbuck 00:44:56
Hippos 00:47:56
Long-toed lapwing 00:59:51
African openbill 01:00:29
Kudu 01:00:59
Martial eagle 01:08:22
Lilac-breasted roller 01:13:32
African harrier-hawk 01:17:16
African firefinch 01:22:42
Lioness 01:27:50
Spur-winged goose 01:30:16
Slaty egret 01:31:11
Lion 01:34:24
Vulture 01:35:27
Impala 01:40:30
Anhinga 01:47:39
Boomslang 01:47:45
Hooded vulture 02:02:55
Jackal 02:03:08
Sandpiper 02:04:05
Blue-cheeked bee-eater 02:08:59
African spoonbill 02:09:44
Allen’s gallinule 02:15:35
Lions 02:16:05

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