Journey Through Botswana – Wild Animals of Khwai & Moremi Game Reserve in 8K UHD


Journey Through Botswana – Wild Animals of Khwai & Moremi Game Reserve in 8K UHD


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Journey Through Botswana – Wild Animals of Khwai & Moremi Game Reserve in 8K UHD


6.5 Hours


8K – MP4, H265

DIRECTED BY: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc.

Video from: Khwai And Moremi Game Reserve, Botswana, South Africa

Video title: Wildlife of Botswana Khwai And Moremi Game Reserve

Time of filming: 2023

Equipment used: Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro 12K camera with Canon EF 200-400mm f/4LIS USM lens and Red Comodo 6K camera with Canon 18-35mm f/1.8 DC HSM I ART 013 lens, and also, DJI Mavic drone.

Video type: wildlife video

Video resolution: 8K

Producer: Roman Khomlayk, pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Robert Hofmeyr

Editor and colorist: Tatyana Nesterenko

Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Special thanks to O Bona Moremi

Embark on a breathtaking safari adventure across the savannas of Botswana’s Khwai and Moremi Game Reserve in stunning 8K resolution! Witness the majestic African lioness, powerful African buffalo, towering giraffe, and a plethora of other incredible wildlife including lechwe, baboons, zebras, pelicans, tsessebe, and more. Watch playful baboon infants, witness the wildebeest and zebra migration, and encounter an array of antelope species including red hartebeest and impalas. Observe the colorful Little Bee-eater, Blacksmith Lapwing, and a variety of stunning storks including the Yellow-billed, Grey, Mangrove, and Woolly-necked stork. See the mighty waterbuck and graceful impalas, and witness the king of the jungle, the lion. Watch out for crafty jackals, agile springboks, and even a glimpse of the elusive cheetah. Encounter the African elephant, and the great egret, and witness the power of the Nile crocodile. This is your chance to experience the magic of the African savanna in unparalleled 8K detail.

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Nestled in the heart of Botswana, Khwai and Moremi Game Reserve offers an unparalleled safari experience. This vast reserve encompasses the eastern fringes of the Okavango Delta, showcasing diverse habitats from lush mopane woodlands to permanent wetlands. The abundance of water attracts a remarkable array of wildlife, from iconic predators like lions and cheetahs to graceful antelope and a dazzling array of birdlife. Whether you encounter a pride of stalking lions, a playful troop of baboons, or a majestic herd of elephants, Khwai and Moremi promises an unforgettable encounter with Africa’s untamed beauty.

Our filmmaker Robert Hofmeyr told a little about this trip: “ During our two-week trip, we explored the Khwai concession and Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana. Moremi Game Reserve, bordering the Khwai River, covers the eastern part of the Okavango Delta. Although Khwai is not a national park, no fences around Moremi allow animals to roam freely. Visiting in August, during the dry season, we focused on the Khwai River and Third Bridge areas. The region is renowned for its wildlife, particularly wild dogs and leopards. Filming the wild dogs was challenging due to their constant movement while hunting. We used a Blackmagic Ursa 12K with a Canon 200-400mm lens for filming but missed the pre-record function found in Red cameras. The highlight was observing a pack of wild dogs and their pups near Third Bridge in Moremi. We also had the opportunity to film from a mokoro, a dugout canoe, using a DJI RS2 for stability and a wide-angle lens.”

Lioness 00:00:00
African Buffalo 00:09:09
Giraffe 00:15:45
Lechwe 00:24:59
Baboon 00:36:49
Northern red-billed hornbill 00:38:47
Zebras 00:39:08
Great White Pelican 00:39:35
Common Tsessebe 00:45:48
Baboon infant 00:54:10
Wildbeasts and Zebras 00:57:53
Red hartebeest 01:06:07
Impalas 01:07:00
Little bee-eater 01:07:33
Blacksmith lapwing 01:15:12
Yellow-billed stork 01:15:46
Grey heron 01:16:30
Mangrove heron 01:17:21
Hamerkop 01:17:29
Waterbuck 01:22:33
Impalas 01;29:22
Lion 01:35:24
Jackal 01:40:05
Springbok 01:41:01
Giraffe 01:42:56
African wild dogs 01:44:32
Wattled crane 01:55:16
Woolly-necked stork 01:56:08
Central African rock python 02:01:23
Cheetah 02:03:45
African elephant 02:17:22
Great egret 02:18:06
African Buffalo 02:29:49
Hippos 03:01:18
Wels catfish 03:04:28
Little bee-eater 03:06:32
African sacred ibis and Great Egret 03:23:34
African jacana 03:26:06
Coppery-tailed coucal 03:29:26
Pied kingfisher 03:30:48
Spur-winged goose 03:36:52
Southern ground hornbill 03:57:10
African wild dog 04:07:34
African fish eagle 04:27:02
Nile crocodile 04:58:28
Southern ground hornbill 05:10:07
Lioness 06:07:04
Meves’s starling 06:15:52

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