Stunning Autumn Scenery – 4K Window View – Fall Foliage in Waterfront Park + Soothing Nature Sounds


Stunning Autumn Scenery – 4K Window View – Fall Foliage in Waterfront Park + Soothing Nature Sounds


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Stunning Autumn Scenery – 4K Window View – Fall Foliage in Waterfront Park + Soothing Nature Sounds


8 Hours


4K – MP4, H265

DIRECTED BY: Roman Khomlyak

Video from: Leavenworth, WA, USA

Video title: Stunning View to Autumn’s Palette Waterfront Park of Leavenworth

Time of filming: Autumn 2018

Equipment used: Panasonic GH4

Video type: Nature soundscape video

Video resolution: 4K UHD

Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Roman Khomlyak

Editor and colorist: Kiril Belyio

Supervising editor: Anatolii Pylypenko

Escape to a shelter of tranquility with this stunning 8-hour 4K autumn scenery video. Visit Waterfront Park in the charming town of Leavenworth, Washington, where vibrant fall foliage paints the landscape in an autumnal palette of breathtaking beauty. Let your worries melt away as you stand on the virtual bridge, soaking in the sights and sounds of Little Bavaria. Crystal-clear water of Wenatchee River cascades over a little dam, while the calming chirping of birds and the water sounds create a soothing soundscape. Bathe in the golden warmth of the sunbeams filtering through the leaves, and feel your stress melt away with each passing moment. This breathtaking window view video is not just a feast for the eyes; it’s a portal to deep relaxation. Immerse yourself in its beauty and let it serve as your perfect background video for relaxation, sleep, or simply as a stunning 4K TV screensaver. So breathe deep, let go, and allow the allure of nature to wash over you.

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Nestled amidst Washington’s stunning Cascade Mountains, Leavenworth, also known as Little Bavaria, charms visitors with its year-round Bavarian-themed architecture, delicious German cuisine, and vibrant seasonal celebrations. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes, Leavenworth transformed into a gold rush boomtown in the late 1800s. Facing decline in the 1960s, the town reinvented itself as a Bavarian village, embracing its Alpine heritage. Today, Leavenworth thrives as a popular tourist destination, welcoming over a million visitors each year who come to experience its unique blend of Bavarian authenticity and Northwest hospitality.

In the autumn of 2018, our filmmaker Roman Khomlyak explored the diverse landscapes of Washington state and was enchanted by the village of Leavenworth. Among the many picturesque spots in town, Roman discovered a serene location: little dumb on the Wenatchee River in Waterfront Park, which was later digitally enhanced with the addition of a bridge through computer programming for the video. This artificial inclusion creates the illusion that viewers are standing in this unique spot, watching the cascading water against a backdrop of golden natural scenery.

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