Cities of Italy in 4K UHD – Calm City Life of Venice, Tivoli, Firenze & Tuscany Region


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Cities of Italy in 4K UHD – Calm City Life of Venice, Tivoli, Firenze & Tuscany Region


12 Hours


4K – MP4, H265

DIRECTED BY: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art inc.

Video from: Italy

Video title: Cities Of Italy Part 2

Time of filming: 2023

Video type: streaming version, city walking tour

Video resolution: 4K UHD

Producer: Roman Khomlyak, Pro Art Inc

Cinematographer: Kostia Samusenko

Editor: Charu Chandra

All copyrights for video and audio materials belong to ProArtInc company.

Immerse yourself in Italy’s vibrant soul with our captivating 4K urban walks! Wander alongside charming canals in Venice, feeling the sun-warmed stones beneath your feet and hearing the echoing voices and gentle lapping of water. Explore the winding, ochre-hued streets of Florence, soaking in the scent of fresh gelato and the melodic chatter of locals. Witness the architectural grandeur of Rome, its ancient stones whispering tales of emperors and gladiators. Lose yourself in the picturesque piazzas of Tivoli, the sun dancing on fountains and laughter filling the air. Each 4K video transports you to the heart of Italy’s most beautiful cities, capturing the essence of urban life with stunning detail. From bustling markets to hidden alleyways, iconic landmarks to local gems, these virtual walks offer a unique window into Italy’s soul. Lace up your virtual shoes and prepare to be charmed!

Chapters 00:00:00
Cities of Tuscany 00:00:21
Venice 03:19:33
Tivoli 07:46:24
Firenze 10:39:49

Explore the world together with our team while watching our 4K walking tour from and

Venice whispers legends with gondolas gliding through silent canals, a city built on water where history dances with masks and intricate glass. Tuscany unfolds rolling vineyards cradling hilltop towns, the birthplace of the Renaissance, where art breathes in every cobbled street. In Florence, Brunelleschi’s dome pierces the sky, a testament to human ambition, as Michelangelo’s David whispers secrets in hushed galleries. Tivoli, nestled amongst Roman ruins, offers respite under cascading waterfalls, a haven where emperors once sought solace in nature’s embrace. Each Italian gem holds a unique allure, inviting you to discover their captivating stories.

Kostia Samusenko, our filmmaker, captures the essence of Italy’s charming cities, exploring the intricate fabric of urban life and presenting audiences with a fresh perspective to the historic Italian charm. With a dedication to delivering exceptional visual experiences, he utilizes 4K UHD resolution to depict scenes in stunning detail. Our videos aim to go beyond traditional narratives; instead, Kostia seeks to transport viewers on virtual journeys, encouraging exploration of both new and renowned destinations. This remarkable video offers an immersive getaway, granting viewers a digital tour of Italy’s most enchanting spots. Through virtual strolls and meticulous cinematography, Kostia invites viewers to embark on a sensory adventure, fostering relaxation and a profound connection with the featured locations.

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